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Let there be Light! Everything you need to know about Vivid Sydney 2022.

Published On: May 25, 2022

Vivid Sydney starts on Friday 27 May and runs for 23 nights.


Vivid Sydney is back and it’s brighter than ever! The annual festival that sparks the soul of our city celebrates its 12th year in 2022.

For 23 nights starting this Friday 27 May, Vivid Sydney fuses art, innovation and technology in collaboration with boundary-pushing artists, thinkers and musicians. It’s a must-see for every Sydneysider, with our city icons illuminated by spectacular projections and interactive sculptures from 6pm-11pm each night. Here’s a rundown of this year’s highlights:

Lighting of the Sails

Artist: Martu Artists (Australia)
Location: Sydney Opera House.

In 2022, the stunning Martumili collective painting Yarrkalpa-Hunting Ground, Parnngurr Area 2013 is brought to life across the spectacular sails, extending the Martu Artists’ stories beyond the walls of a gallery.

Our Connected City

Artist: Mandylights (Australia)
Location: Circular Quay

Watch what happens when kaleidoscopic lighting design connects the city’s architecture. Suddenly, the skyline is suffused with colour and we see the city in a different light. 2022 will see both sides of Sydney Harbour Bridge emblazoned with hundreds of colour changing lights.

Our very own Ken Done will feature in Vivid 2022!

For Sydney With Love

Artist: Ken Done / Spinifex Group / James Morrison (Australia)
Location: Customs House

A master of colour, Ken Done captures the joy of Sydney like no other artist and this vibrant animation projected onto Customs House shows how his beloved home city informs all his work. It is a story of optimism, colour, and sheer delight.

Future Natives

Artist: Chris Daniel (Australia)
Location: Along the Light Walk

Follow the Vivid flock along the Light Walk where you’ll spot stylised light sculptures resembling our native birds. This ‘birdwatching’ adventure highlights the diversity and survival skills of Greater Sydney’s feathered friends whose habitats and existence are encroached upon by our sprawling cityscapes, increasing populations and lifestyles.

Endless Love

Artist: Michaela Gleave (Australia)
Location: Circular Quay Station

The perfect spot to snap a selfie, these giant letters above the station building evoke the hopes, dreams and aspirations the city inspires. It reflects our passion, our compassion, and our free spirit. It reaches out to the world with a message of hope and captures the joy and boundless optimism that makes Sydney one of the truly great global cities.

Sydney Harbour comes alive this June, thanks to Vivid 2022.

New York Sunday

Artist: Helen Eager (Australia) / Julian Reinhold (Australia) / Rico Reinhold (Australia)
Location: Museum of Contemporary Art

Australia’s leading abstractionist Helen Eager transforms the six-storey façade with an eight-minute visual journey through her artistic evolution. The visual dynamics are accentuated by an electronic composition by Sydney’s own, Paul Mac.

Vivid Light on Sydney Harbour

Location: On the water Sydney Harbour

In a first for the festival, see lights on vessels sailing on the harbour sync with the animated Martumili collective painting-Yarrkalpa-Hunting Ground-that illuminates Sydney Opera House. Together, boats and ferries become part of a coordinated display that moves across the colour spectrum as they sail across the harbour. Jump on board for a special Vivid Sydney tour with Cadman Cruises, Captain Cook Cruises, Fantasea Cruising, Sydney Harbour Tallships and more.

Let there be light! There is no greater winter spectacle in Sydney.

Sydney Harbour Bridge 90th Birthday

Artists: Historical Archive and Digitisation Team/ Spinifex Group (Australia)
Location: Sydney Harbour Bridge pylons

In 2022, Sydney Harbour Bridge celebrates its 90th birthday. In a salute to the arch that has defined the city and the nation, the Historical Archive and Digitisation Team at Transport for NSW will share images spanning over 100 years to reveal the stories and experiences of the people and places the bridge connects.


Artist: illumaphonium: Gemma Davis (United Kingdom) / Michael Davis (United Kingdom)
Location: Near Chinese Garden of Friendship, Darling Harbour

Music is the one universal communication tool that requires no language. This innovative and interactive installation brings you together with fellow festival-goers in a shared moment of spontaneous music-making.

For more information and a full list of everything “Vivid”, head to the website:

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Residents report Tiger sighting on first floor of Mosman Council Chambers!
Ferry Commuters: Google Street View set to launch on Sydney Harbour. What will they think of next?!

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