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Local Fury: Mosman residents vowing to fight destruction of historic Raglan St mansion.

Published On: February 2, 2023

This stunning Mosman home could be bulldozed to make way for a three-storey apartment block.


Plans to bulldoze a grand Mosman mansion built in 1906 to make way for a designer apartment block have sparked anger from locals vowing to fight the controversial Development Application.

Mosman Council has been flooded with submissions after Mosman Collective published the shock news on its social media channels, after discovering a $4.2 million proposal had been lodged to knock down a century old home at 92 Raglan St.

If approved, a three-storey complex featuring a pool, outdoor terraces and six car spaces would replace the historic residence.

Knows as “Gargrave”, the elegant Raglan St, Mosman, residence was built in 1906 but is not heritage listed.

Resident Mike Boyd is one of many to raise concerns over the proposed demolition.

“It is with great concern and disappointment that I write to object to the proposed demolition of the stately home at 92 Raglan Street, which has stood as a symbol of architectural and cultural heritage for generations,” he said.

“The proposed plan to replace ‘Gargrave’ with apartments is not only a significant loss to the community, but also an irreparable blow to the cultural heritage of the area. First and foremost, the stately home represents a significant part of our cultural heritage and history. It is not just a building, but a tangible representation of the values, customs, and beliefs of a bygone era.

“Demolishing such a landmark is tantamount to erasing a part of our history, a part that future generations will never be able to experience.”

An artists impression of the new building (if approved) on Raglan St, Mosman.

Similar concerns were raised by Claire Pollock, who in a submission wrote: “This a beautiful heritage Federation house, part of the unique character of Mosman.”

“If you keep demolishing them – replaced by soulless modern monstrosities – then Mosman will end up looking like a suburb of Brisbane – all modern, no history. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.”

92 Raglan St, Mosman could look like this if Council approves a recent Development Application.

Miranda Barclay is another calling for Council intervention, saying the Development Application was “disgraceful.”

“92 Raglan Street Mosman, known as ‘Gargrave’ is a Mosman Historical Landmark,” she said.

“It was built in 1906 and has stood strong for a 117 years.

“It is absolutely disgraceful to hear that this property is being proposed to be torn down, and over developed. This should be protected by NSW Historic Conservation.”

Ornate stained glass and a grand original staircase are just some of the historic features inside “Gargrave”.

Resident Dominic Adamo also called for the development to be rejected, saying he was “very sad to see such a well preserved heritage building make way for cheap apartments.”

But the planned apartment complex has also attracted a number of supporters, including at least two Mosman real estate agents.

Mr Jason Lowry, from CBRE, believes the Development Application is “well considered” and provides an opportunity for more people to move into Mosman.

“I have lived in Mosman for just under 30 years,” he wrote. “It’s a beautiful area and this new development gives more people the opportunity to experience this lifestyle.”

“Mosman Council does a great job of protecting its character and feel however I believe this location particularly, Raglan Street, needs to provide a range of sizes and a broader unit mix to cater to downsizers/empty nesters, young families and young professionals.”

92 Raglan St was built in 1906 and angry residents are vowing to fight against its destruction.

Plans by developer 92 Raglan Development Pty Ltd state the new unit block would “be consistent with the evolving modern setting of the area”.

“The proposed development will result in a three-storey residential flat building which is considered to be appropriate in the circumstances of the context and constraints of this particular site,” the plans state.

“The proposed development is not offensive or jarring in the streetscape. Rather, the proposed development sits comfortably in the streetscape.”

An original fireplace is another stunning feature of the home, which has been earmarked for the wrecking ball.

In a statement, a Mosman Council spokeswoman said the home had not met the requirements for heritage status during previous studies.

“Council has an evidence based approach to developing heritage controls and defining heritage items and heritage conservation areas,” she said.

“Comprehensive Mosman-wide heritage studies were undertaken in 1988 and 1996 with further heritage studies undertaken as required, resulting in more than 500 heritage items being listed and 13 heritage conservation areas which contain over 1300 properties.

This property (at 92 Raglan St) was not identified as meeting the threshold for individual heritage listing in the previous comprehensive studies of the Mosman local government area.”

The proposal remains under review by Mosman Council

The application is on notification until 6 February 2023. Residents are welcome to make a submission on the proposal either online or by email to [email protected].


Email: [email protected]

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