From the Archives, 1966: Assassination attempt on ALP Leader Arthur Calwell in Mosman.
Get ready to pay more. Mosman and North Sydney residents about to be slugged by Council rates hike.

Crime Watch: Succulent Chinese meal. Man goes ham – and Good Samaritans pray for Mercy.

Published On: June 22, 2022

Our friends at North Shore Police Area Command report a busy week on the beat, and naturally, Mosman Collective has all the gory details, as ANNA USHER reports.

Succulent Chinese Meal Turns Sour

A delicious Asian banquet came with a side order of biffo at a Chatswood Chinese eatery this week.

Police were called to Victoria Avenue on Tuesday when the frantic restaurant manager called for help, reporting two men in a private dining room were hurling spring rolls and bowls of fried rice at each other.

When they arrived on the scene, officers were forced to navigate their way across a sticky carpet of Sweet and Sour sauce – and crushed up fortune cookies – to apprehend the men.

“The private room inside the restaurant was a complete mess, with broken plates and food all over the floor,” a Police spokesperson told Mosman Collective.

The pair allegedly involved in the altercation were taken to hospital with high levels of intoxication.

Investigations are continuing – and yes, we’re calling this one a case of Democracy manifest (it’s also a good excuse to watch Australia’s greatest police arrest, below.)

Good Samaritans Pray for Mercy

A 78-year-old man with a few anger management issues has been charged with Intimidation, Intentionally choke person and Common Assault.

It is alleged three good Samaritans stopped to assist the man around 11.00pm last Friday, when they found him lying on a footpath in Wollstonecraft.

After picking him up they were soon saying their Hail Mary’s, when the 78-year-old went berko, threatening to stab one of the trio and telling them he had a gun.

The elderly man then whipped off his scarf and attempted to strangle another member of the group.

Attending Police arrested the man and he is due to face Manly Court on 7 July.

Three Good Samaritans were left begging for Mercy after an elderly man went berko.

Man Goes Ham in Neutral Bay

It was on like Donkey Kong in Neutral Bay, when a crazed man wore out his welcome at a Kurraba Rd knees-up last weekend.

Police were called to a home around 2am, after neighbours woke to the sounds of smashing glass and screaming.

From what we know, the boozed up 20-year-old was red-carded by his mates and went ham when asked to leave the party.

“The man is alleged to have become violent after he was asked to leave,” a North Shore Police Area Command spokesperson said, “Officers arrived on the scene and arrested the man after a short foot pursuit.”

The man, at this stage worse for wear, was taken to hospital around 2:30am for treatment to minor lacerations on his arms and wrists and was later charged with Common assault, Damage property and possess prohibited drug.

He was given conditional bail and is due to face Manly Court on 21 June.

A 20-year-old party goer went ham after being thrown out of a gatho in Neutral Bay on Saturday.

Porsche Prangs into Police car

A Mosman man has been arrested and charged after he allegedly almost collided with a Police car.

Police tell us they were patrolling Kardinia Road around 10pm on Saturday when a Porsche allegedly came fanging around the corner and crossed the centre lines on the road – nearly hitting their patrol vehicle head-on.

Officers stopped the Porsche and then asked the man to take a roadside breath test.

He failed. Miserably.

The man was escorted to North Sydney Police Station where a further breath analysis allegedly produced a high range blood alcohol reading of 0.217.


His licence was suspended, and the man is due to face Manly Court on 4 August 2022.

A Mosman man was charged with high range drink driving after almost hitting a Police car on the weekend.

L-Plate Loser

A learner driver who thought it was a good idea to get on the cans and then sneak home is lucky to be alive, after his silver VW collided with not one – but two – vehicles, causing extensive damage.

Police were called to a location in Riverview at 9pm on Saturday and allege the driver, a 23-year-old local, was uncooperative and smelt strongly of liquor.

“The man, who only holds a Learner licence, allegedly supplied a roadside breath test which was positive – but then refused to supply a sample for a breath analysis at Chatswood Police Station,” Police said.

“The man’s licence was suspended, and he was charged with Refuse to submit to breath analysis, Learner not accompanied and Negligent driving.”

He was refused bail and is due to face Central Court on 22 June.

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From the Archives, 1966: Assassination attempt on ALP Leader Arthur Calwell in Mosman.
Get ready to pay more. Mosman and North Sydney residents about to be slugged by Council rates hike.

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