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My Mosman: Local florist and popular identity Matt Bisaro shares a few of his favourite things.

Published On: June 2, 2022

Matt Bisaro is Mosman’s “Floral Craftsman” who’s been front and centre on Military Rd for more than 20 years.


Mosman Collective first introduced “My Mosman” to readers a few years ago but dropped the ball during lockdown because (let’s face it) there wasn’t a whole lot going on in the neighbourhood!

But now, we feel the time is right to re-launch the popular series for our community, and we’ll endeavour to bring you a weekly Q + A on an interesting lower north shore resident or a business owner.

Matt Bisaro has kindly given up precious time away from his successful business to answer our probing questions on what he loves most about Mosman!

ANNA: Hi Matt, and thank you so much for speaking with Mosman Collective. Tell us a bit about your history with the lower north shore.

MATT: I moved to the area in 1997 and worked at several Mosman flower shops before branching out in 2000.

ANNA: What were those early days like?

MATT: Well, the business started in my tiny Neutral Bay apartment, and after 18 months, I had run out of room. So, I bought Judy McDonald’s shop on Raglan St, called “The Flower Cart”. A few old-timers might remember it! It was a slow process, but word eventually spread about this floral giant, and things quite literally blossomed from there.

Matt’s business has bloomed thanks to his artistic talent, his passion for flowers – and his love of Mosman.

ANNA: You were one of the first Florists in this part of Sydney to bring a dramatic and artistic edge to arrangements, weren’t you?

MATT: Yes, I was. I love being able to convey emotion through my work, and creating beautiful bouquets is a true passion. I’m blessed to have a great local client list who trust me to design everything from tiny bouquets to large-scale installations.

ANNA: How long have you been based in your current location at 773 Military Rd?

MATT: The shop is about to turn 20! And I am about to turn 50! I did live upstairs for a few years but moved back to the inner-west to be close to my family and friends. I have the best of both worlds now. I never get tired of driving over the Sydney Harbour Bridge each day, and I feel so lucky to be part of this community.

ANNA: How much has Mosman changed in the 25 years you’ve been here?

MATT: A lot! There’s been a lot of growth regarding apartment developments, and the high street is almost unrecognisable from what it once was. My shop has seen many businesses come and go. KFC, Mosmania, Zen Day Spa, Pasta Zu, Generosity, Whisk, I even remember Stan’s Milkbar, which was where the Mosman Newsagency is today.

ANNA: What does an average day in Mosman look like for you?

MATT: My day always starts at the Flemington Flower Markets, but I am in Mosman before 6 am with a bountiful haul of my favourite seasonal flowers. I have breakfast at Avenue Road Café, which has been my staple for 20 years. Around 7 am, my staff and I prepare for the busy day ahead as locals start to ring in with orders. We often plan floral installations at local restaurants and venues, which is always thrilling.

Matt is one of Sydney’s most popular “event” florists, with weddings a specialty.

Matt Bisaro working on location at a Mosman home.

ANNA: The best part about your job is? …

MATT: The people. Mosman residents, like my staff, are like extended family. I feel blessed that I’ve been around long enough to do a client’s wedding reception, followed by flowers for their baby’s arrival, anniversaries, and milestone birthdays – and then corsage’s when their kids grow up and head to the school formal! Another cherished part of my work is farewelling residents, and I love creating floral tributes for funerals. It is a real honour.

ANNA: Do you have a favourite flower?

MATT: I have many favourite flowers, but a few that hold a place in my heart are Lily of the Valley, red charm Peony, slipper orchids, oncidium orchids, Rhododendron, Fox gloves and Fritillaria.

ANNA: What are the most popular colours people like to order in Mosman?

MATT: Without a doubt, “the Mosman Special” is what most customers want. It’s an arrangement of different green and white tones.

ANNA: What is the most requested flower?

MATT: Peonies. Hands down!

Matt Bisaro’s magical wonderland of fresh blooms can be found at 773 Military Rd, Mosman.

ANNA: How much does it cost for a Matt Bisaro creation?

MATT: Prices vary seasonally, but we sell most things by the bunch. At the moment, you can buy a ready-to-go bunch of jonquils for $12 bunch, and then it goes up from there. If you’d like a beautiful bunch of professionally arranged flowers, prices start at around $120, but a lot of people spend over $200 in Mosman. That said, we can tailor it to all budgets.

ANNA: Can you share tips for getting the best life out of your flowers?

MATT: Buy fresh. Buy what’s in season. Always re-cut the stems before putting your flower bunches in water. Change the water and recut every few days. Don’t be afraid to ask your florist about any special requirements.

ANNA: What’s the best thing about Flowers?

MATT: The best thing about flowers is that they make people smile no matter what! You can’t beat the look on people’s faces when you deliver a bouquet. People automatically look at you and smile. Flowers are just pure joy. And we all need some of that.

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Council Roundup: Dine & Discover reminder, Plastic bag ban and free parenting sessions.
New Affirmative Consent Laws: If we destigmatise sex, we normalise consent.

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