Unoccupied Mosman mansion – vacant for five years - sets $19 million street record.
Anzac Day 2024: Five World War Two heroes honoured at Sunday Sunset Service in Mosman.

Your guide to playing Two Up in Mosman this ANZAC Day. Here’s everything you need to know.

Published On: April 18, 2024

Mosman Collective has your essential local guide on how and where to play Two Up on Anzac Day 2024.


Come in Spinner!

Local punters will be screaming it loud and clear as lower north shore pubs and clubs host games of two-up in commemoration of ANZAC Day.

Legally, two-up is only allowed on one day a year, April 25, so next Thursday is your chance to be a part of the fun, without fear of repercussions from the law!

If you haven’t played Two Up before, here is your essential Mosman Collective guide to trying your luck.

Two Up is only legally able to be played on April 25 each year.

What is Two Up?

Two-up is a gambling game where coins are tossed and bets are made on heads or tails. The prize pool money is all the money invested by players.

The spinner (the person who tosses the coins) places two pennies on the kip (the wooden block) and flips them. The pennies (which must have been issued before 1939) are spun at least two metres high and can not come into contact with an object or a person. They must also land in the boundaries of the ring.

To win, both coins need to land on heads, or both on tails. One coin on heads and one coin on tails – called “odds” means there is a replay and the coins are tossed again. Same if the coins fall outside the ring.

If you’re keen to have a punt, your job is to find another person around the ring who will bet with you.

It’s as simple as announcing whether you’re betting on heads or tails, and how much cash you’re willing to put up. The person you’re betting against needs to bet the same amount as you, but on the opposite result.

Guess heads or tails correctly, and you take the other person’s money.

If you are betting Heads, it is custom practise to place your money on your forehead.

What are the origins of Two-up?

Two-up’s actual origins are unknown, but the game is thought to have spread in Australia’s goldfields around the 1850s.

It quickly gained popularity among those serving in World War I, and when the diggers returned home continued to play the game, albeit illegally. It gradually became a government-sanctioned part of Anzac Day celebrations, played by ex-servicemen and civilians alike.

It’s illegal if a venue takes any profit from the game or if it charges an entry fee. And, of course, you’ll need to be over 18 to play.

The Buena hotel in Mosman is one of Sydney’s most popular Two Up locations on Anzac Day.

Where can I play it?

The Buena:
Upstairs from Midday. Two Up and Yabby Racing. $1 from every Carlton Draught goes to Legacy. Last Post played from the Balcony at sundown.

Mosman Rowers:
Ceremony at 11am, Two Up from Midday until sundown. Live music from 3pm.

Mosman RSL:
Open from 10am. Two Up from 2pm – 6pm. AFL match (Bombers v Magpies) at 3:20pm, plus NRL clash (Roosters v Dragons) at 4:05pm on the big screen.

Warringah Bowls:
Two up from 2pm. Live music from 3pm. Last Post played at sundown.

The Greenwood:
Two Up from midday in North Sydney’s biggest arena. DJ’s from 4pm. Aussie Burger special.

North Sydney Hotel:
Two Up being played in Percy’s Laneway from Midday.

Rag & Famish:
Open at 9am. Two Up from midday. Live music.

The Union:
Beers from 10am, food specials, $10 pints and Two Up from midday.

Kirribilli Hotel:
Doors open 10am. Bistro open 11am. Two Up from midday and live music from 4pm.


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Unoccupied Mosman mansion – vacant for five years - sets $19 million street record.
Anzac Day 2024: Five World War Two heroes honoured at Sunday Sunset Service in Mosman.

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